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Andaman Island

Andaman Islands, a union territory of India lies in the Bay of Bengal. It consists of about 402 islands both small and large. The coastline of the Islands stretches for about 100 Kms. The Islands are covered with dense forests all around. The area of the Islands is about 6,408 square kilometers.

Reasons to visit
We welcome you to the most exciting tourist attractions and travel destinations which are given below. We take into notice each and every details about recreation, entertainment, adventure and relaxation. By looking at the things to do in city one can see if that spot offers romance, family fun, sightseeing or adventure. Drill down into the tourist attractions below to find out more about each place and see how the local customs create a unique atmosphere.

Marine Park  
It is an amusement park. There is a toy train and a traffic park which explain traffic rules and road safety to children. A sound and light show takes place in the cellular jail where one can witness the glory sights of the Britishers fortune both in Hindi and in English at specific times.

Wandoor Beach and Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park  
Wandoor Beach and Mahatma Gandhi marine national park is a beautiful locale located 29km away from Port Blair. Mahatma Gandhi marine national park has been constructed on these islands which stretch about 281.50gq.km. People come across coral reefs, deep sea animals and mangrove forests here. Pristine coastline adds beauty to the beach. Tourists will surely love the fun here.

Jolly buoy and Red Skin Islands 
The Jolly buoy and red skin islands are port of the mahatma Gandhi Park. Clean sands and swimming pools add fun to these islands. The water is clear and transport. Lots of fish of various color swim across without fear of humans. Life style of deep sea creatures can be observed.

Ross Island  
Ross Island which is opposite to Aberdeen jetty was the capital city during the British rule. Now this is a part of the naval force. It’s near phoenix bay. The Island can be reached through cruises. Some of the ruins built by the British officials still remain. A museum named ‘Smrithka’ maintained by the naval force is also located here. Photo copies of letters written by British officials, photographs and detailed documentary about the Island are found in the museum.

Chidiya Tapu  
Chidiya Tapu which is in south Andaman is located 26 km away from Port Blair. The forests here are dense and have a beautiful coastline. This is a village fully populated with birds. The sunset amidst the mountains is awesome. The favorite sports in Chidiya Tapu are snorkeling and boat riding.

How to get there
By Air : Indian Airlines connects Port Blair with Calcutta, Chennai (Madras) & Nicobar. The Boeing 737 flights from Calcutta and Madras take approximately 2 hours to reach.
By Sea : There are ships sailing from Madras & Calcutta Ports and occasionally from Visakhapatnam. The journey takes approximately three days.

Weather Chart
Average   Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall In Inches 1.18 1.06 0.94 2.89 14.80 23.90 17.50 17.50 21.00 13.40 8.35 6.90
Temp Low - F 73 72 75 79 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75
Temp High - F 82 84 86 90 93 97 95 93 91 88 84 82