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Bhubaneswar ("The Lord of the Universe") is currently the state capital of Orissa, India. But the city is a very ancient one, dating from at least 3rd century B.C. The name of the city is derived from its presiding deity LINGARAJ or TRIBHUBANESWAR, the Lord of the the three Worlds (the Universe). It was once the capital of an ancient kingdom. Having merged its intriguing past so uniquely with its modern aspirations, it forms an integral link in the Golden Triangle (South) that incorporates the holy city of Puri and Konark, for the tourists that flock to pay their homage to the religious, cultural and natural wonders that abound here. The striking features of the city are the numerous temples and shrines that seem to be all around you. Bhubaneswar's skyline is dominated by some of the most spectacular engineering and artistic feats of its ancient heritage.

Reasons to visit
We welcome you to the most exciting tourist attractions and travel destinations which are given below. We take into notice each and every details about recreation, entertainment, adventure and relaxation. By looking at the things to do in city one can see if that spot offers romance, family fun, sightseeing or adventure. Drill down into the tourist attractions below to find out more about each place and see how the local customs create a unique atmosphere.
Lingaraja Temple      
The Lingaraja temple is regarded as a fine example of purely Hindu temple. This 10th century temple is also regarded by some archeologists as 'the truest fusion of dream and reality.' The temple is 55-m-high and has its entire surface covered with elaborate carvings. There is an ancient tradition that all pilgrims wishing to visit Jagannath temple at Puri must offer worship at the Lingaraja temple first of all.

Parashurameshwara Temple
The Parashurameshwara temple was built in the year 650 A.D and is one of the best examples of Orissa style of temple architecture. Many exquisite carvings and sculptures also adorn the walls and pillars of this temple. Rituals are rigidly followed in the temple.

Raja Rani Temple 
TheThe Raja Rani temple is regarded as the finest example of traditional Orrisan temple designing. It is a 'love temple' the walls and pillars of which are covered with many erotic carvings of women and couples. The temple is set in picturesque surroundings and has well maintained gardens. There is no particular deity in the temple.

Nandan Kanan
The palace and the fort of Tipu Sultan are the must see spot in Bangalore. The architecture, the layout and the overall look of the palace gives you the idea of the ethnic Mughal lifestyle. The fort and its remains present the history of the era in which it was built. The construction of the Tipu palace was started by Haider Ali and completed by Tipu Sultan himself.

Chilika Lake
Asia's largest brackish water lake, Chilika, is located about 100 km from Bhubaneswar. A narrow isthmus separates Chilika from the waters of the Bay of Bengal. Spread over an area of 1,100 sq. km it was declared a sanctuary in 1987. Winter is the loveliest time at Chilika, with thousands of migratory birds flying in from as far off as Siberia to make their winter sojourn in strange waters. The waters come alive with their raucous cries and colourful plumage as the birds battle to find space to make their new homes.Chital and black buck roam freely on the scrubby shores while dolphins gambol playfully in the foam of the churning waters. Visitors can hire boats at Barkul, Balugaon, Rambha and Satapara to enjoy the lake.

The best buys of Bhubaneshwar are the local art and craft works of the place. The unique 'Ikat' fabric and sea shell works are also in demand.

Festive Celebrations
On the day of Ashokashtami in the month of March, the image of Lingaraja (Lord Shiva) and other deities are taken in a procession from Lingaraja Temple to the Rameshwara Temple. Durga Puja is also an important festival.The largest pujas are: the Shahid Nagar Durga Puja, the Nayapalli Durga Puja, and the Rasulgarh Durga Puja. Laxmi Puja at Laxmisagar near Jharapada is also very famous.

How to get there
By Air : Bhubaneshwar is well linked by air to Delhi, Chennai, Varanasi, Nagpur, Calcutta and Vishakhapatnam on daily basis flights by Indian Airlines.
By Rail : Superfast trains connect Bhubaneswar to major cities of India.

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