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Goa - the coastal paradise located in South Western India is popular for its sun kissed sandy beaches. The relaxed and tranquil atmosphere of Goa makes it a hit place among tourists seeking sun, sand, food. Goa is a tourist destination where people flock to from all across the globe. The basic image that most people get of Goa is not the same as what they get about any other state in India. Today Goa invokes the image of stretches of beaches with prancing holiday-hoppers. The boom of Goa tourism caught up from the Hippy era onwards. 

Reasons to visit
We welcome you to the most exciting tourist attractions and travel destinations which are given below. We take into notice each and every details about recreation, entertainment, adventure and relaxation. By looking at the things to do in city one can see if that spot offers romance, family fun, sightseeing or adventure. Drill down into the tourist attractions below to find out more about each place and see how the local customs create a unique atmosphere.
The Church of St.Francis Xavier  
Behind the gate of St. Paul's college is a Kuchcha road branching off the main road, leading to the chapel of St. Francis Xavier. It is built of laterite plastered with lime mortar with tiled roof supported by wooden rafters is a plain chapel with only one altar. Architecturally it is of the Doric order. The Chapel was within the enclosure of the College of St. Paul and was dedicated either to St. Anthony or to St. Jerome. As the chapel was used by St. Francis Xavier it was re-dedicated to him after his canonization in 1622. The original chapel was in existence in 1545. With the outbreak of the epidemic and the consequent abandoning of the college of St. Paul in 1570, the chapel fell into ruins and the present chapel was built in 1884.

Anjuna Beach  
One of the main sources of Anjuna's enduring popularity as a hippy hang out is its superb beach. Fringed by groves of swaying coconut palms, the curve of soft white sand conforms more closely to the archetypal vision of paradise than any other beach on the north coast. Bathing is generally safer than at most of the nearby resorts too especially at the more peaceful southern end where a rocky headland keeps the sea calm and the undertow to a minimum.   

Baga Beach   
A Charming Combination Of Land And Sea Baga 10 km west of Mapusa is basically an extension of Calangute. Even the locals are unable to decide where ends and the other begin. Lying in the lee of a rocky, wooded headland, the only difference between this far northern end of the beach and its more congested centre is that the scenery here is marginally more varied and picturesque.

Colva Beach   
According to Hindu mythology Goa was created when the sage Shri Parasurama - Lord Vishnu's sixth incarnation fired an arrow into the sea from the top of the Western Ghats and ordered the waters to recede. The spot where the shaft fell to earth known in Sanskrit as "Banali" and later corrupted by the Portuguese to Benaulim lies in the centre of Colva Beach, 7 km west of Margao.

Bogmolo Beach   
The sandy beach at the end of the cove would be even more picturesque were it not for the monstrous multi-storey edifice perched above it. Until Oberoi erected a huge five star hotel here. Bogmalo was just another small fishing village hemmed in by a pair of palm fringed headlands at the northern end of Colva bay.

Chapora Fort   
Chapora Fort known as "Shahapura" was built by Adil Shah of Bijapur on the southern headland of the Chapora River. Later this citadel of red laterite, crowning the rocky projection was rebuilt by the Portuguese in1617 on the site of this earlier Muslim structure. It was built as a border watch post and later deserted by the Portuguese in 1892 as the empire continued to extend farther North, known as the New Conquests. This Fort is mostly in ruins now. The massive ramparts and the scattered Muslim tombstones are all that is left of Chapora Fort. It overlooks the beautiful Vagator beach and is close to Arjuna beach.

Mayem Lake  
Mayem Lake in Goa - a charming tiny lake is situated at Mayem near Bicholim, in Bicholim taluka North Goa. It lies at about 35kms from the city of Panaji. It is quite a popular picnic spot as well as a hot favorite visiting arena for the tourists. Fame of the lake has eventually increased with the introduction of the boating facilities at the lake. For lodging purposes GTDC has built cottages in the area.

Colorful sarongs and cotton beachwear, colorful floral printed shirts, skirts and frocks, embroidered bags, handicrafts made of beads, cheap and beautiful artifacts of paper mache, silver and junk jewelry.

Festive celebrations
Bonderam Festival, Christmas, Feast of three kings, Goa Carnival, Good Friday (Easter).