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Heho is a small town located in Kalaw Township, Taunggyi District, Shan State of Myanmar (formerly Burma). It is the primary air gateway to tourist areas such as Inle Lake. Heho is on the main motor road between Taunggyi, the capital of the Shan States, to Meiktila, the closest major town on the plains of Burma. A dirt road northwest from Heho leads to the old silver-lead mines of Maw Son (Baw Zaing). It was a small village of Danu people. The village grew into a town in the 1920s when the single-line railway line was extended from Aungban to Shwenyaung, and Heho was determined to be a convenient intermediate stop and passing place. Later an airport was built, 2.5 miles northwest of the town. The airport served as an airbase both for the Allies and the Japanese during World War II. The airbase was heavily bombed by the Allies. Evidence of aircraft bunker revetments and bomb craters can still be seen on the southern end of the airfield, especially noticeable from the air.

Reasons to visit
Heho is the gateway town to the popular tourist haven of Inle Lake in central Myanmar. It lies in the Taunggyi District in Shan State, southeast of Mandalay, and is fairly easy to access (for Myanmar) as it is located on a fairly major highway.Heho grew from a small village populated by Danu people and later made town status around the 1920s when a railway stop was established here on the way to nearby Shwenyaung. Luckily, Heho is on the main road from Taunggyi to Meiktila or it would be a real headache to get to.Sights to check out in Heho include the old airport just out of town that was used by both the Allies and the Japanese in WWII. The airport was later bombed by the Allies and craters are still in evidence. The other main attraction in Heho is the nearby Maw Son (Baw Zaing) silver mines, which is accessed by dirt track from town. 

Maw Son (Baw Zaing) silver mines   
Just outside town and accessible by single-track road.

Inle Lake  
A relaxing lake resort with villages, and floating gardens located at an altitude of 1328 metres in southern Shan State. It is best known for high quality Shan silk, and for its fishermen, who row their boats standing upright, using one leg to power the oar. The surrounding region includes the picturesque hill stations of Kalaw, Pindaya and Taunggyi and offers opportunities for walking and rock-climbing.   

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Festive celebrations
Phaungdaw Oo Pagoda Festival.