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Kabini National Park

Kabini is one of the most popular wildlife destinations in Karnataka, probably because of its easy accessibility, lush green land scape surrounding a large picturesque lake, and fantastic sightihgs of large herds of elephants. It is 80km away from Mysore and 205km from Bangalore, and comprises the south-eastern part of Nagarhole National Park. Situated on the banks of River Kabini, this forest reserve is spread over 55 acres of forestland and water bodies

Reasons to visit
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Wildlife Attractions     
A view from Kabini River Lodge proves to be absolutely breathtaking. Patches of bright blue pool hidden between the trees, the sun peeping through the thick forest and the animals roaming free. Are some of the visuals delight of this forest.wildlife safari is a must at the Kabini River Lodge. Take the jeep safari through the Nagarhole National Park where you are bound to see herds of elephants grazing, wild dogs, bisons, deer, peacocks, wild boars a variety of birds and maybe if you're lucky, those elusive big cats: the tiger and the panther.

Animal Sightings 
If any animal rules Kabini, it is the elephant. The forest reserve has the single largest congregation of Asiatic elephants (estimated at around 6,000). Besides elephants, you are likely to spot langurs, chital, sambar, bison, sloth bear, pythons, crocodile; and if you are lucky tiger and leopard. The reserve is also home to around 250 species of bird life. The best wildlife sightings are between November and June.    safari on elephant back is another experience altogether. You feel as if you're sailing on a slightly turbulent sea and yet you know you are in a forest. Since the animals are used to having elephants around, you don't disturb them either. If you can brave the ferocious beauty, you could even take a walk through the forest. Breathe in the refreshing air, whistle with the wind and carry home timeless memories. Elephant playing catch. Leopards on the prowl. Antelopes jumping across the brushes. Or may be even a tigress with her cubs. These are indeed pictures that you'll treasure for a lifetime. And no one can offer better than Kabini. A motorboat cruise would give you a chance to take a look at the wild life, aquatic birds and even a few crocodiles. Sailboats and paddleboats are also available. Another must do is nature walk for that feel of the forest which would long linger in your memory.