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Mandalay was the last capital of Myanmar Kings and it still has great importance as a cultural center in Myanmar (Burma). Surrounding with ancient capitals like Inwa,Amarapura, picturesque Mingun and Sagaing Hill are waiting you in the land we called central Myanmar (Burma). The unique way of Gold Leaf making in Myanmar and local people apply these gold to Great Mahar Muni Pagoda in Mandalay will greets you How pious Myanmar people are? importance as a cultural center.Historically, it is the most Myanmar of the country’s large cities, a place where you’ll come close to the ‘heart’ of Myanmar. Mandalay still has cultural and religious significance and its Buddhist monasteries are among the most important in the country- about 60% of all the monks in Myanmar reside in the Mandalay area.

Reasons to visit
Mandalay, roughly 66 square kilometers in area, and with a population of 880,000 is second only to Yangon in size and importance and about 622 kilometers due north of Yangon. The only surviving example of this type of architecture, with magnificent wood-carving embellishing the whole structure was destroyed and lost forever, creating a definite and painful void.

Shwe Nandaw Kyaung Temple Grounds   
Within the grounds is the sole remaining building of the once sumptuous moated palace. King Mindun's former apartment, built mainly of teak, is decorated with beautifully carved panels and a photograph of the Atumashi Kyaung Monastery, destroyed by fire in 1890.   

Mahamuni Pagoda   
The 'Great Pagoda' houses the revered Mahumuni image. The image was brought from Rakhine in 1784, and is thickly covered in gold leaf from years of worship by devout Buddhists.   

Eindawa Pagoda    
Built in 1847 and covered in gold leaf.

Shwekyimyint Pagoda  
Contains the original Buddha image consecrated by Prince Minshinzaw during the Bagan period. 

Mandalay Hill    
Stairways lead up to temples and a panoramic view. Shweyattaw Buddha - Close to the hill. The statue's outstretched finger points towards the city. Mandalay's abandoned cities There are several abandoned former capitals around Mandalay.

Some 11km south of Mandalay. It became the capital of the Konbaung Dynasty in 1783 during the reign of King Bodawpaya. Places of interest are Pahtodawgyi Pagoda, U Bein Bridge across the Taungthaman Lake, Kyauktawgyi Pagoda, Nagayon Pagoda, Mahagandayone Monastery and cotton and silkweaving cottage industries.  

Known as the Kingdom of Inwa during the Second Myanmar Empire, today it is a small town south of Amarapura. The sights to see in In-wa include Nanmyint Watch Tower, Maha Aungmye Bonzan Monastery, Bagaya Monastery, the lacquerware factory and Inwa Bridge spanning the Ayeyarwad River.  

Once an ancient capital, Sagaing lies 21km south west of the Ayeyarwad River. The Sagaing Hills are dotted with pagodas and there are over 500 monasteries, a retreat for some 6000 monks and nuns. Soon U Ponya Shin Pagoda, Kaung Hmudaw Pagoda (a copy of the Mahaceti Pagoda in Sri Lanka), and Ywahtaung village (home of the silversmiths' guild) are places worth visiting.    

Mingun Bell   

A delightful river trip from Mandalay is required to get to this marvelous unfinished temple. Famous for the 90-ton Mingun Bell, supposedly the largest hung bell in the world, it was cast in 1790 on the orders of King Bodawpaya, who wished for it to be installed at the top of his planned giant 150 metre-high pagoda. Due to the king's death in 1819, however, the pagoda was never completed.   

Pyin Oo Lwin   
The former British hill station of Maymyo, 67 km east of Mandalay, stands about 1,000 meters above sea level. Though the town was damaged during World War II, several of the old English houses were spared. This is also the centre for Myanmar's small but burgeoning new coffee industry.   

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Festive celebrations
Kason Festival,Famous Pagodas festivals,Shwe set taw Pagoda festival,Shwezigon Pagoda festival,Taung Pyone Nat Festivals,Kyauk Se Elephant dance festival .