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 Nanda Devi National Park

The Nanda Devi National Park is one of the most spectacular wilderness areas in the Himalayas. It is overshadowed by the peak of Nanda Devi, which rises to over 7,800 m. Nanda Devi National Park was established in the year 1980. The first men on record to have reached this park, while yet in its pristine form, were the the British Mountaineers Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman. The area had largely remained untouched till then, except for Tilman's successful attempt on Nanda Devi in the year 1936. However, since 1950 the increasing number of treks & climbing expeditions to the area has to some extent affected the virgin characteristic of this place. Nanda Devi National Park is characterised by the unique mix of flora and fauna.

Reasons to visit
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Wildlife Attractions     
The major attraction of this popular wildlife hub lies in its eco system that has many varieties of flora and fauna. This park has remained camouflaged from the humans and have some of the best preserved views. As it is situated among the Himalayan peaks, there is a very diverse type of vegetation found here. Having one of the richest preserve of of flora in the world, there are some 312 floral species here of which 17 are rare ones. Among the fauna of the area one can try to site snow leopards. Though elusive, but there are considerable numbers of these cats. Here. Among the Bear family there are Himalayan bear and yellow leopards as well. Blue sheep, Musk Deer, Serow and Himalayan Tahr are the most commonly sighted wilds of this park. The rich variety of Avifuna can be judged on the fact that 114 species of birds home Nanda Devi National Park. Bird sighting is best during the May to June, as then the number of birds increase further. Some of the birds that one can see are Black Tit, yellow-bellied Fantail Flycatcher, orange-flanked Bush Robin, blue fronted Redstart, Indian Tree Pipit, Vinaceous Breasted Pipit , Common Rosefinch and Nutcracker. To add to the attraction further, there are some 28 varieties of butterflies here.

Bird Sightings  
Of the 80 species of birds found in the Nanda Devi Wildlife Sanctuary, the most significant ones are Warblers, Gresbreaks, Rose Finches and Ruby Throat .

The Fauna   
Animal population of species like bharal, Himalayan tahr, serow, goral, snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, brown bear, leopard, common langur, Himalayan musk deer, and brown beer dominate the park area. Warblers, gresbreaks, rose finches, and ruby throat represent avifauna here. Approximately 80 species have been spotted in this park.

The Flora
Nandadevi National Park of India is home to as many as 312 species of plants. Out of these, approximately 17 are believed to be quite rare. A major portion of the vegetation consists of fir, birch, rhododendron, and juniper. The inner portions of the Nanda Devi Wildlife Sanctuary of Uttaranchal experience dry weather conditions. As we move nearer to the Nanda Devi Glacier, the vegetation starts decreasing at a rapid pace. From Ramani onwards, the flora turns to alpine vegetation and juniper scrubs are seen dominating the landscape. The terrain further changes to areas with grasses, prone mosses and lichens. 

The Adventure  
Although Nanda Devi is bereaved of any safari option, but one can definitely enjoy the trekking routes. The pleasant weather during the summers, invites a lot of tourist to indulge in this sport. This park can be reached only by taking up treks from Joshimath. Trekking is also the best way to sight the most elusive beings.