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Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya, most famous hill resort in Sri Lanka, is located at the altitude of 2000 metres. Land of the renowned Ceylon tea, the waving mountains of Nuwara Eliya are carpeted by green tea plantations, punctuated with bublisng streams and waterfalls. This picturesque town is overlooked by Pidurutalagala, the highest mountain in Sri Lanka. It was once favorite hill station of the British in Sri Lanka.Nuwara Eliya (City of Lights), also known as 'Little' England', was the favourite hill station of the British who tried to create Nuwara Eliya into a typical English Village. The old brick Post office, country house like hill club, with it's hunting pictures, mounted hunting trophies and fish, and it's strict formal dinner attire; the 18 hole golf course, race course etc., all reminds of 'England'. 

Reasons to visit
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Horton Plains
Horton Plains, the highest plateau in the island, has been designated a National Park. The park consists of grassland interspersed with patches of forest. Some of the vegetation is unusual high altitude type. Touring the Horton Plains you enter a beautiful, silent, strange world providing some very good strolls. Species found in Horton Plains National Parks include Leopard, Sambar, and the endemic Purple-faced Langur. Endemic highland birds include Dull-blue Flycatcher, Sri Lanka White-eye, and Yellow-eared Bulbul. One must-see visit place here is the World's End. The Horton Plains shockingly ends here and drops off to nearly 700 metres, a thrilling sight. Trekkers love to visit this place.

Adam's Peak
This is through Gampola and Ginigathhena and you wthis is through Gampola and Ginigathhena and you will find the story of this old path carved on two rocks off the 28th milestone on the Nawalapitiya - Ambagamuwa road. The spot is called Akuruketupana and the inscription dates to around 1100AD. Today there are four other roads to the peak, the shortest being via Maskeliya and the most popular. Other roads are on the Sabaragamuwa side.

Labookelle Tea Centre
The Labookelle tea center on Kandy road offers guided tours of the factory free of charge and also runs a sales outlet and a restaurant on site. Nuwara Eliya produces some of the country's best tea.

Tracking and Hiking
Nuwara Eliya offers good adventure sport locations because of it's landscape. Pidurutalagala (2550m) Highest mountain peak of Sri Lanka is just north of the town. Though the summit is not open to the public, hiking is possible up to 7000ft. There are several water falls along the track. Hakgala. Botanical Gardens is about 10Km from the town .