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This small modern town in the south is the gateway of Bhutan for overland travelers. Like all other border towns, it is only a prelude. Phuntsholing is fascinating mixture of Bhutanese and Indian, a lively centre for the mingling people, languages, costumes and goods. On top of a low hill at nearby Kharbandi, a small Gompa situated in a garden of tropical plants and flowers, overlooks the town and surrounding plains.

The Amo Chu is commonly known as the Torsa river flows alongside this town and it is favourite spot for fisherman and picnickers. From Phuntsholing, the road winds north, over the southern foothills, through lush forested valleys and around the rugged north-south ridges of the inner Himalaya to the central valleys of Thimphu and Paro. It is a scenic journey, forests festooned with orchids cover the mountains on either side and exciting hairpin curves greet travelers with colorful sculptures of Tashi Tagye (the eight suspicious sign of Buddhism).

Reasons to visit
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Phuntsholing Tourist Attractions
Major tourist attractions in and around Phuntsholing include - The Crocodile Breeding Centre, The gate at the border, Karbandi Monastery and natural beauty.

The Crocodile Breeding Centre  
The Crocodile Breeding Centre on the banks of the river behind the bus station. The crocodiles are bred in order to be released in a nature reserve.

Bhutan Gate  
The gate at the border (called Bhutan Gate) - it makes a good first photograph for your Bhutan photo album.

Karbandi Monastery  
After an Indian pilgrim became pregnant after praying at this monastery to conceive, the temple has become a regular port of call for couples wishing for children. For those who do not have parental ambitions, the view from the monastery over Phuntsholing and the Bengal Plain is still worth making the trip. The monastery is located a short distance above the town. Take a cab up and walk back.

Chukha Hydrothermal Project  
Chukha Hydrothermal Project supplies the major electric power to Bhutan while the reservoir is the perfect place to enjoy boating, swimming and picnics.

Zangto Pelri and Kharbandi Gonpa temple  
Buddhist monasteries in Phuntsholing are known for their architecture. Zangto Pelri, a small monastery dedicated to Guru Rinpoche is located in the heart of town while the Kharbandi Gonpa temple is built on a hill by Royal Grandmother Ashi Phuentsho Choden in 1967 is worth seeing.