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Munnar is a small hill station set amongst the Kannan Devan hills. It is famous for its lush green surroundings, lakes, reservoirs, forests, and tea estates. The quiet environs of Munnar attract the traveler to relax in the lap of Mother Nature. Munnar also beacons the adventure-seeking traveler, who is interested in paragliding. It has some of the highest tea estates in the world. Munnar is located in the eastern part of the state of Kerala, in the southern region of India, amongst the craggy hills of the Western Ghats at an altitude of 1524 m above sea level. It is 130 km east of Kochi and borders the state of Tamil Nadu. The weather in Munnar is pleasant. Summers (April-June) are mild, while winters (November-February) are cool.

Reasons to visit
Munnar offers  a mix of relaxation and adventure amidst beautiful landscapes. The word Munnar in Tamil means three rivers. Munnar is located where the rivers Mudrapuzha, Nallathani and Kundala converge, and so the name. The history of Munnar can be traced back to the 10th century, which is its recorded history; although various relics that have been discovered point to its existence in the Stone Age. Around the 17th century the people of Tamil origin known as Muthuvans.

Pothamedu offers an excellent view of the tea, coffee and cardamom plantations in munnar. The rolling hills, the lush mountain and the breathtaking scenery here is ideal for trekking and long mountain walks.

This idyllic hill station with its velvet lawns, exotic flora and fauna and the cool mountain air is a rare experience. The sita devi lake with its mineral waters and picturesque surroundings is a good picnic spot. The lake is also ideal for trout fishing.

Nyayamakad Waterfalls
About 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Munnar on the way to Rajamala, Nyayamakad is a land of breathtaking waterfalls and an endless stretch of verdant greenery. Behold the spectacle of water tumbling onto a fern-fringed pool from a hill at a height of 1600 meters (5333 feet). Enjoy a peaceful mountain walk, stop along the way to take photographs and simply soak up the scenery. Walk up to the Nyayamakad gap to take in brilliant views of the Munnar valley covered with a green carpet of tea plantations. Here you might come across tea pickers at work. It is a great opportunity to mingle with the locals, learn a thing or two about tea gardening and experience a day in their lives. Nyayamakad is a good base for a trek into the Munnar wilderness filled with numerous photographic opportunities. You can enjoy a picnic here, stroll around and explore the surroundings, marvel at the sheer might of the waterfall and view the distant tea estates.