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Pashan Garh Panna

Rating: Deluxe

Hotel Description

Pashan Garh 'stone fort', a name inspired from the 'dry packed' stone houses of north-central India offers 12 stone cottages; with a romantic private sala suspended high above the forest floor having an uninterrupted view of the Ken River. This wilderness lodge is a dramatic fusion of rough and abstract hewn stone structures, fort like guest areas with a blend of contemporary and ethnic décor that brilliantly soak in the surrounding wild.

The lodge features 12 stone cottages, with a central guest area showcasing fabulous leather furniture made in Delhi, with massive black and white photo canvasses of the dramatic Panna landscapes. There are subtle references to the erotic stonework at the nearby temples of Khajuraho.

Restaurants & Bar  
Fresh local ingredients, homemade accompaniments, fruits and veggies, clay oven cooking and dining customs, create never-before dining spots that give as much of a rush as the game drives to follow.

Facilities & Services
Air conditioning, indoor shower, child minding services, swimming Pool, a security escort for each guest, naturalists trained in animal behavior, first-aid and outdoor emergencies etc.

45 Kms from Khajuraho Airport.


Panna National Park, Amanganj Road,