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Jaipur, the first planned city in India is located in the desert city of Rajasthan. It is the capital city of the state and is popular for the charm the city provides. Jaipur is also known as the Pink City and was founded by Maharaja Jai Singh II in the year 1727. The city takes pride in its cultural heritage and is considered to be the reservoir of Indian customs, tradition, legacy and civilization.

Reasons to visit
We welcome you to the most exciting tourist attractions and travel destinations which are given below. We take into notice each and every details about recreation, entertainment, adventure and relaxation. By looking at the things to do in a city one can see if that spot offers romance, family fun, sightseeing or adventure. Drill down into the tourist attractions below to find out more about each place and see how the local customs create a unique atmosphere.
Amber Fort 
The Amber Fort looks stunning, all-built in white marble and red sandstone. To add to its charm, Maotha Lake makes its foreground. The crystal mirror image of the Fort, on the still waters of the lake, seems to be a beautiful illusion. Amber Fort is usually pronounced as Amer Fort. In 1592, construction of the Fort was started by Raja Man Singh I. However, the Amber Fort took its present form during the reign of Raja Jai Singh I. The outer appearance of the Fort, being rough and craggy is totally different from its core. The interior of the Fort provides a soothing and warm ambience, which is least expected from its outer appearance. The marvelous decoration of the Amer Fort is influenced by both, the Hindu and Muslim manner of ornamentation. Exquisite paintings of hunting scenes on the walls depict the temperament of the Rajputs, who were adventurous, revolutionary and self-indulgent. 

Hawa Mahal 
Hawa Mahal is a pyramid-shaped facade with five stories. It has 953 small windows decorated with tiny lattice work. These pink sandstone windows commonly known as "Jharokhas" are constructed in such a style, that it looks like a giant honeycomb. The air circulation through windows represents the marvelous touch of Mughal designing, which keeps the Palace always cool. The small screened balconies and arched roofs with hanging cornices enhance the beauty of the Palace. The Pyramidal outline and replication of pattern makes it more attractive in appearance. This five storeyed pyramid structure was designed by Lal Chand Ustad who dedicated his work to Lord Krishna and Radha. 

Jantar Mantar 
Jantar Mantar at Jaipur is the largest stone observatory in the World and this feature makes it, a special destination for a traveler. Jantar Mantar of Jaipur is one of the five astronomical observatories built by Maharaja Jai Singh, the founder of Jaipur. 

Nahargarh Fort 
Nahargarh Fort is the first of the three forts built by Maharaja Jai Sawai Singh of Jaipur. The Fort stands at the top of rugged point of the Aravalis and offers a spectacular view of the City. Keeping this fact in mind, the fort was made to serve as a means of supporting the security of Amer. 

It is a small town famous for the Harshat Mata Temple and is situated on the Jaipur – Agra road believed to be built by Raja Chand. This town is also famous for the astonishing step wells. 

This historical place is located on the Shahpura-Alwar Road and is 86 km from Jaipur. This town is said to have existed from the time of Mahabharata of Ancient Indian History. This city has also the ruins of a circular Buddhist temple, the earliest structural temple in India. Another important characteristic of this town is the Banganga Fair which is celebrated annually near the town.

Shopping Delights
Jaipur is famous for its handicrafts, Kundan style jewellery. The stone and marble carving industry is also a famous art of Jaipur.

Festive Celebrations
Major Indian festivals like the Holi and Diwali are celebrated with traditional fervour and joy.

How to get there
By Road : Jaipur is well connected by road to major cities in India. Excellent road network serves people to enjoy a comfortable journey to and from Jaipur.
By Air : Many domestic airlines connect the city to all the major cities of India including Udaipur and Jodhpur as well. Flights for Delhi and Mumbai run on a regular basis.
By Rail : The vast rail track of Indian Railways connects Jaipur station with all other cities of India. There are numerous trains which run on a regular basis to and from Jaipur.

Weather Chart
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